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Star Farmers: Poems from The Future

Star Farmers: Poems from the Future, though written a quarter-century ago, takes us through a not-so-distant future in a series of soaring flights through a myriad of poetic forms to late 21st century millennial content.

From the Preface:

“”We in this world before a golden age . . .” begins Ambrosia Picnic, succinctly describing these times.  At some point the bullshit will stop, darkness will disappear in the light, ignorance, poverty, and starvation will dissipate into past history, and we all will become humans of Earth.  We will then at last be welcomed into the Galactic Community and travel to the stars.

“When we look around this world today it all seems such a far-off dream. Greed and power rule our temporal world. There is an evil that has temporarily taken over this planet, but evil by its very own methods must destroy itself. It will go down fighting, perhaps with much destruction, but be assured that evil will go down, nature will breathe a sigh of relief, this planet will regrow itself into Eden, and we humans will inevitably become caretakers of Paradise.”

In an aging paradigm that often seems to be crumbling around us, these poems transport us into a magnificent new future where we finally got it right . . .


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