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Isn’t it about time . . .

8millionmiles. . . we collectively lifted our thinking off the ground?  Seems the closer our thinking is to ground level, the more trouble we have and more bad things happen.  We don’t have to go anywhere to lift our thinking into the heavens, or at least off the ground, and living on earth can then only be better.

No matter our ethnic, cultural, political, theological, or individual backgrounds, we are all humans living in this time on the earth, we are growing more numerous, and the planet is growing ever smaller.  We live in the most plentiful era of history, the most convenient and easy existence, where much is taken for granted.  So why do we continue to struggle amongst each other, intimidate our neighbors, steal from each other, lie to each other with greed and apathy, pollute nature, and ultimately threaten to annihilate each other?

Something has to change, and it all starts when we collectively lift our thoughts into the heavens, one by one.  That way we can change our own immediate surroundings at least.  As momentum grows, and leaders begin making their decisions according to loftier thinking, our problems will dwindle, poverty will end, the senselessness and stupidity of war and violence will be revealed as it’s practice stalls, then stops, and this planet will grow lush and green again.  We will then be welcomed into a galactic community of enlightened beings.

Yes, it’s about time, ya think?

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