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These are the thoughts of a 20th-21st century human from earth, born in North America, a writer of journals and poems since 1976, though most should probably never see the light of day. . . a few have turned out well, and will be shared . . . musings will also erupt from time to time . . . maybe have something to say about our times.

Justin Tyme wrote his first poem at age 21 in 1976, an hour after meeting his first muse (she knows who she is).  Prior to then he had never conceived of writing poetry, but suddenly poems sprang forth as if from nowhere, simply landing on him in many cases.  A line would come, then another.  Then he would become tuned in and the poem would finish itself, the poet merely the conduit for its expression.  There are few feelings living on Earth more exhilarating than to be a participant in the writing of a poem that writes itself.  It’s a gift.

Over the next decade or so while working as a sailor, salesman, bookkeeper, taxi driver, then typesetter, he wrote 40-50 poems in spurts while he studied and learned about rhyme and meter, absorbed the classics, Donne, Shakespeare, Spenser, Pope, Wordsworth, Keats, Byron, and Shelley.  Then as if inhaling and holding a breath, it all went quiet.  Too quiet.  Then suddenly that held breath was exhaled, erupting like a volcano in 1987.  For the next two years he was fortunate to tap into a constant stream of imaginative flights and managed to write much of it down in numerous poems of varying length and form that eventually became, after sitting in a footlocker for 30-some years, Star Farmers: Poems from the Future.

Two decades pass, raising kids, starting a business — the volcano went dormant.   But now as he begins his eighth decade on this planet, he feels that volcano rumbling again.  He can feel it coming on and the best is yet to come, as the muses gather round . . .

Who knows what this may become, but we’ll share thoughts, creations, and musings about humanity on this planet, and beyond.  We’re all humans, after all, and history often shows our behavior to be much like a three-year-old violently stomping in a temper tantrum.  We humans are collectively, in history, probably just entering puberty–or maybe we’re still in the womb ready to be born, depending on one’s perspective.  And elements of evil have been at work on the planet through all these recent ages, which have caused us problems and has only intensified during the population explosion.  But evil is not our worst enemy–history is replete with examples of our foolishness and stupidity, bless our hearts.

Yet there is much to admire about us, humans of planet Earth, and we’ll be exploring all those possibilities.  Achievements in the sciences and arts have set us apart from the other species of this planet, and we have it in us to recreate nature and return to Eden with wisdom.  Humans have performed miracles and as we move into the future we’ll join a community of kindred spirits throughout the Galaxy, no doubt.  We’ll become Lumans!  For we are endowed with this destiny . . .

But first we must get through some challenging times . . .


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