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Earth from Mars

The mathematical odds are greatly in favor of other planetary and galactic civilizations out there being 1000’s of years more advanced than we are. It’s not too much of a stretch to imagine that they have made contact with us over the millennia, maybe even had colonies here in the far distant past. It’s even possible that we are the result of DNA tweaking and modifications by enlightened ancient beings. Maybe they are cosmic gardeners who planted a seed somewhere along the way and now ten millennia later – an instant in time – they will return for the harvest. It will be a feast for all.

This planet Earth is truly a garden of Eden, an oasis in a vast desert, and as such is a valuable jewel in this region of the galaxy. Here in the latter days of those ten millennia, we have made a mess of things, creating terror and great destruction. We have assaulted our own mother with industrial poisons, waste and consumption, sickened ourselves with frankenfood/pills, and are at high risk of rendering ourselves extinct through our fascination with advanced weaponry and addiction to black ooze from deep under the ground.

It’s all great stupidity, of course. Greed, evil, selfishness, division. A world lost in an illusion.

Fact is, we are all humans of Earth.  There are no countries from space, no political parties, no religions, no boundaries, just a natural garden growing, day after day, millennia after millennia.  And we live here while it provides us the air, water, food and shelter we need to live.

Fortunately, as stupid as we sometimes act, this planet is such a shining jewel of the cosmos that those who put us here will never allow children playing with matches to destroy this planet. The worse the stupidity and madness of our civilization gets, the more likely their intervention will come sooner.

Thanks and welcome to them when they get here (and maybe they’ve been here all along, undercover).

The plot of this chapter of human history is quickly building to a climax, but be assured that help is on the way, even as we help ourselves, so relax. We have the next thousand years of peace coming and a galaxy to explore . . .

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