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Just Another Day in Paradise . . .

earthpbdThis planet is a good place to live.  The rarest of jewels orbits a star, one of the billions in the Milky Way, one of the billions of galaxies found in this universe that is always growing, by 11 million miles a minute.  There probably isn’t another biosphere like it within, oh, 100 quadrillion miles.  The paper-thin atmosphere that keeps us alive in comfort is such a tiny, microscopic blip, a particle of dust in the vast nothing surrounding us.

I am perpetually amazed at nature’s self-sustaining, self-renewing . . . um, nature.  Nature is paradise, left alone.  With no effort on our part. the sun rises every morning, the earth spins in its orbit, at a perfect speed and distance from its sol source of life.  Days, weeks, years, centuries, millennia pass as time streams relentlessly through timelessness.  A thousand generations we have lived and died while moving through nature’s provisions.

In these generations of knowledge and technology we still pump our processed poison into nature and expect that nature should not rebel.  Regardless of our abuse, nature yet grows itself and will eventually overcome our civilization.  Resistance is futile!  We will learn to run our machines on something other than 100 million year old sunshine, we will finally relax as a planet and cease the resistance to the urge to live with, and within nature.  Our very survival depends on it.

We are nature, too, and when our way-of-life reflects nature’s example, today is just another day in paradise . . .


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