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Community Gardens a Step Towards Self-Reliance

There is something about growing the food we eat that is basic, pure, simple, healthy, and wholesome.  With a little natural knowledge, good seeds, sun, rain, soil (provided), and some enjoyable manual labor we could cut our grocery bills by more than half, and with canning skills we could eliminate it entirely.  All the while eating food as it was meant to be, grown naturally, fresh, full of nutrients, instead of the factory-made frankenfoods that are provided to us at drive-thrus and on the grocery store shelves.

We have gradually become dependent on industrial corporate farming, food processing and additive corporations, and gas-sucking truck companies to provide us with our daily food requirements, and we pay dearly for it.  If gas prices spike, that extra transportation expense will go on top of the food bill.  If the teetering global economy tips over, the trucks may stop running and the grocery shelves will be emptied within hours.  Growing our own food is the only reliable insurance against the chaos that could result from disruptions in the global or national supply chains.

The Community Garden is a good step towards self-reliance.  If there is a community garden in the area, participate, learn, teach.  Maybe dedicate a portion of our own back yards towards learning to grow vegetables.  And while it’s certainly a good, healthy hobby, it will also be good insurance against soaring food costs or any disruption in the food distribution system.  Wide participation in community garden projects can ensure a community’s food supply, a huge step toward self-reliance, and will make a community healthier, wealthier, and wise.


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